Please Give To Show Your Support

We have poured everything we have into this ministry--including our finances. Now we're asking for your  support so we can continue to serve the kingdom. 


Go "ALL-IN" With Us

Building this ministry has required an "ALL-IN" devotion of effort and finances. In an effort to spread the kingdom, our founders have poured our every penny we have into this ministry before asking for a single dollar in return...

Now we are living off of faith alone that God will provide, that God will open the hearts of believers, and that we will be blessed for foregoing the lures of wealth to pursue our spiritual calling.

This is our invitation to you to join us to go "ALL-IN" with us to serve the kingdom and follow the calling to which you have been called.


Everything We Do Has A Cost Associated With It

Every podcast, every Youtube video, every Bible Study, every Prayer Session, every phone call, every blessing every email, every ad, even this website costs money to maintain.

Until now, we have funded everything out of our own pocket, because we followed the promptings of the Lord, but now we have depleted our resources and are asking for your help.

Please keep our ministry going through your generous donations.

We Are Dreaming Of A Revival

We believe with all of our hearts that a revival is not only possible, but that it's coming. We know that this is why God has called us to do this work. Here's how we're doing it.

Prayer-First Strategy

Instead of just talking about God, we try to give them an experience with God. We guide non-believers in prayers of repentance, forgiveness, and surrender, to help them experience the undeniable healing power of prayer.

The 8-Step Healing Framework

By teaching our unique healing framework, we are able to help those who are sick and suffering look to Jesus Christ as their healer and savior. We believe testimonies of healing miracles will build a die-hard following for Jesus Christ.

Modern-Day Evangelism

By using modern-day technology like Youtube, social media, online courses, digital marketing, AI, & Zoom calls for Bible studies and prayer sessions, we're able to reach the masses more effectively than ever before.

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What It Takes To Start & Grow A Ministry

Watch this video to hear from Clark Varin, our founder, what was required to get this ministry off the ground and what our strategy is for future growth.